The Artist​​

Isadore "Issy" Smith

Isadore Smith is the budding talent behind Issy's Art. He lives in the Lake Worth area of Palm Beach County, Florida. Originally from Cleveland and Birmingham, Mr. Smith has made South Florida his home for the past three years. It is here in Palm Beach County where he has newly discovered his talent of painting with oils on canvas just two years ago. Isadore has always drawn animation on paper since his childhood years; and he has also painted animated figures and decor on nursery walls.

However, it was only in the recent past that he found out he had the ability to paint. Isadore reconnected with his estranged father who told him that he had the gift of painting with oils and that Issy should give it a try. Well... Isadore did and his new talent was thus born! 

Mr. Smith gets his inspiration from the 13 years he spent travelling the world as a sailor in the US Navy. During that time, he saw incredible views in remote places and captured all that beauty in the photographic regions of his mind. And now those visions naturally flow through the oils onto the canvas. 
Although he has only been painting with oils for a few years, his talent has blossomed and grown exponentially.  Starting from mere landscapes, he has moved on to more animate objects. Daily he is learning new and creative things he can apply to the canvas.

There is no doubt that his talent is limitless and can be applied to new ideas and suggestions that customers would like to explore. Isadore Smith is open to working with customers for their specific desires.

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